Complete biography of John Paul II (2015-20)

A project aiming to elaborate the first complete scientific and historical biography of John Paul II using archival and multimedia sources.

The results will be a complete, 10-volume, source biography of John Paul II:

1. First pilgrimage of John Paul II to the Homeland
This step will be completed in 2016. The Team directed by Paweł Skibiński is preparing monograph on the first papal pilgrimage to Poland in 1979
2. II and III pilgrimage of John Paul II to Poland
3. Pilgrimages to a free Poland (1991–2002)
4. Great pastoral projects – Pilgrimages, World Youth Days, World Meetings of Families
5. The Holy See in international politics. The concordats of John Paul II. The Pope’s model of church-state relations. Efforts for peace.
6. John Paul II’s Church: What changed between 1979 and 2002?
7. Fighting with communism and the „civilization of death”
8. The Pope’s theology in historical perspective – encyclicals, apostolic exhortations
9. John Paul II – private life
10. Assessment

Project Director: dr hab. Paweł Skibiński