• Paulina Bednarz-Łuczewska PhD, assistant professor of management at Kozminski University in Warszawa, graduated from Warsaw University (MA in sociology) and  Humboldt University in Berlin (PhD in sociology). Her research interests include knowledge management, intellectual capital and self-managed organizations as well as work-family interface among professional women. She specializes in qualitative research. Published in Knowledge Management Research and Practice.
  • Oleh Kindiy PhD, Assistant Chair in the Theology Department in Ukrainian Catholic University. He gained his PhD in Historical Theology in the CatholicUniversity of America (CUA), Washington, DC in 2007. His main research interests are: Late Antiquity, Patristics and Medieval Studies, Byzantine Studies, Ukrainian Studies, Religious Education, Ecumenism, Translation of Historical, Theological and Philosophical Literature.
  • Łukasz Kobeszko, graduated Faculty of Christian Philosophy at the Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw; journalist and publicist in Polish newspapers, particularly interested in the history of Eastern Europe, Balkans, and the Eastern theology; actually working in the Centre for Thought of John Paul II in Warsaw.
  • Martin Luteran PhD, founding rector of the Collegium Anton Neuwirth, a residential study center for university students in the capital city of Bratislava, an affiliated scholar of the John Jay institute. Luteran also founded and directs the Ladislav Hanus Fellowship. Previously he studied in the United States as a Witherspoon Fellow in Washington, D.C. After receiving his master’s degree in law at Comenius University in Bratislava, Luteran studied human rights, ethics, and jurisprudence with Professor John Finnis at Oxford University where he earned a second master’s and doctor’s degree in law at Lady Margaret Hall. Luteran has taught seminars on natural law and moral philosophy to high school and university students and worked as legal counsel to the Office of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. He is a contributor to the forthcoming book, Law and Outsiders: Norms, Processes and „Othering” in the 21st Century (Hart Publishing, 2011). 
  • Michał Łuczewski PhD, assistant professor, Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw, visiting scholar at the Centre for Social Studies (Warsaw), Columbia University (NY) and the Institute for Human Sciences (Vienna), an editor of “44/Forty and four” and “State of Things. Antidisciplinary Journal”. His interests include historical sociology (incl. sociology of Żmiąca), sociology of nation and nationalism and lust but not least, sociotheology. He is an editor and co-author of the following books: „Culture of remembrance in Poland and Germany” (forthcoming) and “Landscape value” (2011). At the Centre for Thought of John Paul II (Warsaw), he explored such topics as the demonic origins of social sciences, theology and sociology, messianism of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, messianic roots of the Solidarity movement, post-Communist political theologies.