Preliminary program


Dangerous liaisons. Theology, social sciences and modernity
Warsaw, 11 Foksal Street, 12th April 2012

First session: Sociology and theology 10:00–11:30
Kieran Flanagan, A Sociological Prelude in Theological Notations: Minor and Major
Elżbieta Hałas, Between rejection of religion and world-saving. Itineraries of sociology and post-secular social theory
Michał Warchala, A third way? Postsecular constellations in modernity
Chair:  Michał Łuczewski

Second session: Philosophy and theology 11:4513:15
György Geréby, Political theory, secularization, and the church: Carl Schmitt and Erik Peterson
Arkadiusz Górnisiewicz, (De)legitimizing modernity?  On the uses of the secularization thesis in Karl Löwith, Hans Blumenberg, and Carl Schmitt
Katarzyna Kremplewska, Religiosity, common sense and intellectual autonomy in the thought of Santayana
Chair: Robert Pawlik

Third session: Covert theologies 14:4516:30
Aneta Gawkowska, Woman and Body. The Big Comeback to Social Sciences Through Theology
Emilia Wrocławska,  Individual theodicy studies as an empirical meeting place of theology and social sciences
Magdalena Lubańska, Defining the Sacred in the Secular Age.  Émile Durkheim’s versus Philip Rieff’s Theories of Sacred and Social Orders
Janusz Węgrzecki, The Ideology of Secularism as Theology of Modernity
Chair: Michał Warchala

Fourth session: Between Evil and Messianism 16:45
Thomas Ryba, Streptotype vs. Antitype: Sound and Unsound Ways of Reading the Antichrist
Michał Łuczewski, Bringing Messianism back in
Paweł Śpiewak, TBA
Chair: Krzysztof Kaucha