Critical Edition of John Paul II/Karol Wojtyła the Literary Works of John Paul II/Karol Wojtyła (2015–2020)

The main objective of the project is to conduct the first complete research and critical analysis of the poetic and dramatic works of Karol Wojtyła (written in 1939–2003).

Elaboration of this unique source material will serve to deepen knowledge of his poetic intentions, to conduct a critical analysis of his works and to follow the evolution of his thoughts.

The interdisciplinary research team has been working on the project since 2015. The team consists of high level specialists and experts in Karol Wojtyła’s literary works: Prof. Jan Machniak, Prof. Jan Popiel, Prof. Renata Przybylska, Prof. Jadwiga Puzynina, Prof. Zofia Zarębianka, Dr Anna Karoń-Ostrowska, Dr Marta Burghardt, Dr Stanisław Dziedzic and Dr Paweł Ptasznik. The research team is also working on eliminating typographical errors from the texts in order to enable their new and proper understanding.

As a final result, a three-volume edition of Karol Wojtyła’s – John Paul II’s – complete literary works will be published containing scanned copies of original texts, commentaries, indexes and biographical notes.

The series will be divided into three volumes:
1: Juwenilia 1939–1944
2: Poetry 1944–2003
3: Dramas 1949–1962

Project Director: Dr Anna Karoń Ostrowska